Sunday, December 14, 2014

Upgrade Xperia U ST25i to Android 4.0.4


Today we gonna try to upgrade an Xperia device, the device was not sale in INDONESIA. It was come from taiwan.
By the reckless of user has make this device into hard bricked on SONY logo. When i ask the owner to upgrade it to ICS 4.0.4 the owner has agreed. Very lucky me, 'cause i'm never do this to this kind of Xperia U. Ok, now what should to prepare first before doing upgrade?

1. Ask Google to search unflashable firmware package for Xperia U ST25i [ the latest version ]
2. Newest FlashTool Xperia Flasher. do not use version, because it won't tell u whether it start or finish flashing process if you do not read the logs. The progress bar doesn't work. But it has fix the issues at the latest version.


1. Keep your firmware package into a folder then place it on your desktop [ easy to find is only the reason ].

2. On above, i have two different firmware package version i will use for upgrading. Which have the latest baseband of GENERIC WORLD, it's could use for every country in the world. the other one is latest version of applications for INDONESIA market, that mean i want to throw away taiwan's.
3. Run FlashTool > tab Tools > Bundles > Create.
4. Browse your folder prepared at the first step and OK.
5. Press Ctrl+A when all have loaded to FlashTool bundle creator and click right arrow button to load files into Firmware content. Hit Create to start.

6. After finished, open /Flastool/firmware to check the firmware you've made. And it's ready to flash to the device.

7. Back to FlashTool, click flash [ lightning icon ], choose FLASHMODE on Bootmode. wait a momment FlashTool to prepare the task and inform you what you need to do. Follow the command steps on FlashTool.
8. Turn Off device and take off battery.
9. Choose corresponding firmware for your device and click FLASH. Wait this task finished.

OK now you have successfully upgrading your Xperia U. It will took little longer at the first start after flashing. Don't worry just wait and follow the step on the screen to sett your device. You won't loosing any data inside your 4 gigs external memory.

GOOD LUCK and Thank you very much for your coming to

wassalamu'alaikum wr wb

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