Monday, September 28, 2015

FlashTool XPERIA Flasher latest release and patch By Androxyde [ Sept 2015 ]



    Simulate mode was broken by TA autobackup when flashing

    When xperifim does not extract FILES, do it in Flashtool and autocreate bundle
    Select first element and show content as well as exclude/include when applying/clearing a filter in the FTF selector
    SinV3 parser issue with some files (rpm.sin) some garbage removed

    Fixed a bug where in some cases userdata.sin was not extracted correctly
    Doing a TA backup just before flashing a FTF
    When bundling FTF from Xperifim downlaods (automatic) simlock.ta is not included in FTF bundle

    FTF with simlock.ta included : simlock.ta will be excluded by default. Including it in the selector screen will show a warning.
    If simlock.ta (more generally TA unit 07DA is selected for flashing, a YES/NO box will show up before flashing, asking if you are sure
    Regarding the two warnings above, simlock.ta can now be added to a bundle. More generally a TA file containing 07DA unit

    loader.sin was not added when creating a bundle

    Firmware selector screen : new options : Device filter and USB buffer length setting
    Windows launchers now search only for bundled JRE
    FlashtoolConsole script in sync with Flashtool script modifications
    Removing Xperifirm.config at runtime as it is not necessary anymore
    Bug : Fixed bug in bootloader relock feature

    Separated sin and Ta, moved disable final verification to the bottom
    Bug with JRE under windows (bad bundle)
    Bug with big sin files not flashing correctly
    New linux and macos launcher. Bundled java will always be used


    This release is now compatible with every devices. If no FSC is found, the old 0.9.18 method is used
    Java updated to 1.8.0u60
    libusb updated to 1.0.20 for mac and linux

    This release is compatible with new devices (E4,E4g,Z3+,Z4,M4,Z4 Tablet)
    A bug under mac and linux is resoled. Sin extraction was not working (missing library)
    New 64bits devices kernels can now be split with the Elf extractor
    Added a new feature : USB log parser. Files produced by Simple USB Logger can be parsed to generate a template script
    FTF now cannot be flashed without template script.
    When flashing FTF, a simulate mode can be checked. Even without any phone connected, correct processing of files can be tested.
    Java updated to 1.8u51


Latest release ( was valid for ZL,Z1,Z2,Z3,Z3c,Z3+/Z4,Z4Tablet,E4,E4G,M2,M4 because of new FSC feature added. still has fsc feature and this last one will be used if fsc is found but in all other cases, it will behave as 0.9.18. So this release is now compatible with all devices.
To apply the patch, you must be on,,,, or and replace x10flasher.jar with the one from the patch.

Full edition (
MD5 : 5241D0DDF5ACAD9BC9EBCED4024714EF


Patch ( Patch

Full edition (
MD5 : 9E45193557234563D28C9A40EDCAF446


Patch ( Patch

    Mac OSX
Full edition (
MD5 : DE79F014B39FE9ED1DFBA8D774FFFB38


Patch ( Patch

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