Monday, September 7, 2015

FlashTool XPERIA Device Flasher LATEST RELEASE : - GET IT!





  •     This release is now compatible with every devices. If no FSC is found, the old 0.9.18 method is used
  •     Java updated to 1.8.0u60
  •     libusb updated to 1.0.20 for mac and linux


  •     This release is compatible with new devices (E4,E4g,Z3+,Z4,M4,Z4 Tablet)
  •     A bug under mac and linux is resoled. Sin extraction was not working (missing library)
  •     New 64bits devices kernels can now be split with the Elf extractor
  •     Added a new feature : USB log parser. Files produced by Simple USB Logger can be parsed to generate a template script
  •     FTF now cannot be flashed without template script.
  •     When flashing FTF, a simulate mode can be checked. Even without any phone connected, correct processing of files can be tested.
  •     Java updated to 1.8u51


  •     device folder now in flashtool user home folder (move it or resync it from Flashtool Devices Menu
  •     Java updated to 8u45
  •     Added xperifirm integration
  •     All user files in a Flashtool home folder. Ability to choose this user home folder
  •     New more exhaustive TA backup using S1 protocol (still not usable to backup DRM. Device must be rooted for that


Latest release ( was valid for ZL,Z1,Z2,Z3,Z3c,Z3+/Z4,Z4Tablet,E4,E4G,M2,M4 because of new FSC feature added. still has fsc feature and this last one will be used if fsc is found but in all other cases, it will behave as 0.9.18. So this release is now compatible with all devices.

Download Windows edition
MD5 : 23362C3D08B6EACD36837131C65B9861


Download Linux edition
MD5 : A77079A76CA93F9A27C5F056156C44E3


Download MacOS X edition
MD5 : 14D5BEE231E4BD0E092F4CB16C92A2DF


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