Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Install Nokia Care Suite On Windows7


Before install this tool you need to kill UAC process from control panel, it will be the faster way to install the software. Accessing UAC settings by START > Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center. On the left bar click the radio link Change User Account Control settings. Then Drop Down the parameter Slide on it to kill it. After installation Finish there will be an icon of NOKIA CARE SUITE launcher on your desktop. But you won't found it when UAC Running. That what need to know.

Now you can start to install it without any Warning window will show. Install the program by only Next, Next , and Next. At the last step before click Finish remove tick on Go to My Blog then click FINISH. Reboot windows. Open the program Launcher and see the actual version of it's.

What kinds of program/software you can launch from the Nokia Care Suite Launcher exactly. There were 5 kind of tools by default of this program can be run from the launcher. But if have installed Phoenix Service Software before, you can run it from the Launcher too.

To see new product support added you click File > Open Product. There all new product can perform repair by this program.

Click Programming if you want to see what kind of tasks can do using the program.

For Default Firmware path it will be a HIDDEN path on Windows 7, so you need to ADD other path to place you copy firmwares for FLASHING. Or you can also adding Phoenix Firmware path into it.

After that you can Copy Paste the Firmwares folder of phones need to repair to the path

Now you can perform to repairing Asha and Lumia by this Tool only with a USB Cable

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