Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NEXIAN G868 Dead Phone Shorted


In some case of dead phone caused by shorted circuit and components became a truly kill a lot of times. There will be too many areas will test for short component exist. The short will find when  you try to check out a dead phone using a multitester [ i prefer to analog multitester ]. It is easy to do, normally when the phone in a normal condition, it will show you the measurement on the multitester for about 5 ohm resistant when you put the RED to the PLUS battery connector and the BLACK to the GROUND of battery connector on the phone. And it will little goes up then drop back to 0 [ zero ] when you put the RED to the ground of battery connector and the BLACK to plus [ VBAT ].
If the phone completely short by current or charger, the multitester measurement will have same resistant. On the test will show you measurement to 0 [ zero ] ohm.
The areas need to checking for short are describe on the pictures below.

1. On the Charging area see picture below

2. See below for Power Amp area

3. On the LED Drive

4. On RF area

5. On the USB area

6. On Loudspeaker Drive area

7. On the Vibrator

8. To the connection lines of VBAT i've found my own trouble to this area of Power Management

9. If you have the same as me know you can remove D201 and replace it [ i found the same diode on old NOKIA 5110 ]

Then you can try your job to the phone by turn it on using battery [ do not using DC PS, because it will give you more trouble if there is still have short on the phone ]. When the trouble really cleared you'll find this picture below to your phone.

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