Saturday, January 5, 2013

Read Flash Spreadtrum via MCNPro Box


Commons boot button for Spreadtrum [SPD] Chipsets : key *, key #, key 1, key 2, Call key, etc.

The phone  is china brand smartphone CROSS PD8 with touchscreen and dual sim on.
Flasher Box is MCNPro Box with latest version 3.4.1 [ download it using mcnpro updater/ USA server ]

1. It was really confusing me on how to connect spreadtrum to mcnpro all day long, even i used this new version of mcnpro it still bugs found for spreadtrum and latest mtk. Holly shit!!!
2. Start your mcnpro, do not make any change to the default settings on the first open. Leave all by default.

3. Click on Usb Scan button. Select the cable on point 1. Then do point 2 of Holding Power On Read Status, NOTICE: on this step remember that you don't need to press and hold Power button or other key, just click point 2 button on your mcnpro to read USB status [ because it is not the pinouts ]
4. After you got Pin status Scan Done message, click Start then press and holding the CALL button that sign number 1.

5. Keep press and hold your CALL button 'till you heard ding, ding of your PC sound and the COM number has changed. Never lose your press and hold the CALL button
6. When the COM number has change you should click on Apply quickly. Now you can release the CALL button.

7. Now your Spreadtrum has detected and so the bootloader as well. But you need to wait for moments and keep on eye to the COM port setting will happens. If there is not change on the COM port that has detected that mean your mcnpro works. But when you loss it by it COM port setting changing that mean you lose the connection to the phone or your mcnpro goes STUPID, so you need to do the same steps before.

8. First do Read Flash to backup the flash firmware from the phone for own archive. So far this is what i can do to SPD 6610. Then try to Read NV Data from phone

9. When you try to read NV Data see what will happen to your mcnpro box, in my case it becomes stop working and need to click Reconnect to wake up this STUPIDITY. So you will understanding when i said there is still have bugs in this new version. That why its beat by VOLCANO and GPG Dragon

Hopefully Useful for Learning

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

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