Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Read Flash Mstar via MCNPro [ ASIAFONE AF909 ]


More study, more trial, more trick those give us more benefits.
As preamble you read, today we gonna make a trial to push MCNPro Box to read phone info from a china smartphone product. Today we gonna try to read flash from dead phone ASIAFONE AF-909. It's look a china ANDROID smartphone with touchscreen.

Let's do it.

On the first try i'm completely can't touch the phone using MCNPro Box. The only reason is, there in MCNPro Driver folder don't have the newest Mstar USB driver. Most important to remember that some of mobile driver in MCNPro Mobile Driver haven't extracted. So you have them still in .rar archieves, extract them all to take effect. For best result you need to googling to find the newest china mobile USB driver by downloading it's mobile PCSuite and install it first to get the driver installed on your system. In many case the mobile driver has only INF file that can't use in windows 7. That means you need to copy and paste those drivers to mobile driver folder. If it doesn't give any result you can try to use my method by copy and paste the driver files to your system straightly. Copy and Paste the driver on windows 7 to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, this the nice trial. And i always lucky. Okay then we go to MCNPro.exe to run it.

1. Open your MCNPro Box, there is nothing to change on the first open of MCNPro.
By the picture above i give you an illustration step to do the job :
a. After MCNPro has opened, go to Usb Scan. Choose the cable you're using at the job. This example i'm using cable No. 30 because this is the compatible cable to the phone i handled.
b. By Pressing Power button on the phone click point No.2 to scanning the USB. If the driver has installed correctly you'll find some lights to Set Pinout box. But the pinouts not yet ready.
c. Then do step to pressing and holding the phone Power button then go click point No.3 Charge pin. In this step you'll find pop-up as much as USB pins in use

2. On the pop-up that show first time, exactly asking you to look at the phone display for every take effect. It will ask you about charging icon on the phone display for first time. Then you need to see to the phone display, if you see the charging icon on the display click YES option. After that will pop-up again asking that, normally after you click YES at the first it's won't show charging icon anymore, so you need to click NO to continue. For next pop-up click NO or you can see the display.

3. Next the pinout has just found. See the changing to the type of phone Chipset it will move from MTK to other, on this case it goes to Mstar. Now Press and Hold phone Power button and click Start, wait for moment for pinouts really detected and click Apply.

4. Once the pinouts Apply to box you can starting more further to phone. First before doing anything you better to READ Flash by click READ then press and hold the power button until it runs.

5. If READ can do correctly, save your flash file readout. 'Cause you can flash it to another phone in case bad software fixing.

6. By these simple steps exactly you could flashing Mstar chipset via MCNPro Box by now.

Thank You for all my Friends of NEWBIE

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