Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flashing Dead CSL Blueberry i6200 via MCNPro


Dead phone flashing using McnPro Box. If you've checked the phone using DC PS before, it will seem like something trouble to the hardware. But if this happen to china phones you can forget for while to the hardware troubleshoot. Many china phones have the same specific detection on DC PS that seem a hardware trouble occur to the phone. When you pressed the power button on the phone DC PS A meter will go up, but when you release the power button the A meter will loss. On NOKIA phone or others i will say it completely the damage of power management chip. But not the same to china phone.

Now need to prepare the tools as
1. MCNPro Box [ better with the latest version ]
2. Cable No. 25


1. Open MCnPro.exe to start
2. Do not make any change, let it by default settings
3. Plug Cable to the phone and so both power clam
4. Click Rx,Tx Scan then Apply to box
5. Click Open Folder Icon to fill the firmware you need. Give a tick on FFS_Format
6. Click Write button and press and hold phone power button
7. Wait until the flashing complete
8. Last step better to format and unlock, first after flashing done do Formatting file system then you can Unlock.
All Done

Q; Why should i perform formatting ?
A; Because i have flashed the phone using a backup firmware from other good phone. There may some files that not including in a new phone. So i don't need them to write too.

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