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How easy to make a multiboot XP + 7 in One DVD


Easy and free, who don't 'em in just one package.
In this demo i will try to tell you that there on the internet you can found a little tool which can help you to make your bootable DVD more reliable to save more space on it. For example, when make a Windows 7 Professional bootable DVD there is to much space on the disc unused. 
There will be more than 2 GB space not in use, why should to spent money for useless. Think again that we could create multi bootable installer on it. In this time i'll give example on making Windows XP and Windows  7 installer in one DVD.
With the tool XBoot we can do it. This is free, if someone sold it to you what you need to do is only to send an information to the developer there is someone selling they tool. 

Ok, i've XP Pro SP3.iso and so 7 Home Premium on my hard drive. For more convenient to search i save them into a folder on the desktop, you can do this too.

Now execute XBoot.exe,

Once it's open you can simply drag and drop one by one the .iso file,
On the window, after put the .iso click the drop down list and chose 'Add using Grub4dos ISO image Emulation'. Then press Add this file. And do the same as before to the next .iso file.

Note: if you want to create a bootable DVD press Create ISO with disc icon, but if you want make a bootable USB press Create USB. Next chose where you want to save the multiboot .iso file then click OK.

Click Browse to locate the place to save .iso file and give it a specific name to this multiboot .iso file and click Save. So it will puts to the place have chosen.

After press OK it will proceed, wait patience until it finishes his job and give you success notification
Press YES to confirm finish and next QEMU will take control to test the multiboot .iso into bios mode sample. See that and try the .iso it's not install because it runs in virtual machine
About XBoot and the brilliant team

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