Saturday, May 4, 2013



YES!...the phone able to boot up exactly, but no more further when date setting shown up. It's can't do anything after.
Forget MXKey 'cause it's pretty silly to detect phone via USB. Forget too UFS Tornado 'cause it doesn't support that model.

Let's think 'bout how to resolving it's to the normal state.

- Open NOKIA DATA PACKAGE MANAGER or NAVIFIRM plus, type product type and product code right on each box.
- Download package without downloading contents on the next window, cause it gonna kill your internet quote.
- Copy and paste downloaded package to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Product
- Press FILE then choose Open Product
- Next choose RM-766 from product list and press OK
- Now press Flashing menu and choose Firmware Update
- Press Browse button to open the product. NOTE: you won't find anything if you placed product firmware in the wrong path!!! Except you've made change on the setting.
- Next click your product firmware then OK
- When Product Code, Software Version, and Country Variant have 'em all tick [ v ] Deadphone usb flashing.
- To check if your firmware are exactly true you can press Option then check out 'em all for sure.
- No more doubtful??? please press Refurbish
- Wait until show you the message of completion
- On the finish it will make your phone to Testmode state then charging and so a question to boot the phone. Close all window open, unplug the phone from computer but don't turn it on. Remove battery for few seconds then plug battery back to phone and turn it on.
NOW TASTE YOUR BEAUTY ASHA 305 at the first time after FLASHED.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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