Friday, May 24, 2013

Install XP Driver for Windows 8 on ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard series


I have download Windows 8.iso from microsoft long months ago. But i never try to install it to the computer. Until at least this day i want to try running this OS that very crowd out there to my computer. The bad news is, the motherboard and driver i have truly not support for this OS. This series is ASUS P5PE-VM with Pentium D Dualcore 2,66Ghz processors inside. AGP NVIDIA MX-400, RAM DDR 2x 512Mb all i have on CPU really bad for Windows 8. But when can i see Windows 8 features on my own computer if i don't try to install it ? Big question inside my head.
So i decide to install this to my MOBO [ fuck the problems will present; my head says ]. Installation successfully, but it takes times too long. I think it because of unsupported peripherals of mine [ maybe ].
Time to install all drivers need. But again the bad is the driver not support for that system. Think again and i found the answer by routine. 
This my steps alongside to install xp driver for windows 8 so it compatible to it.

First i go to setting to sett user account setting until lower security.
I copied all drivers from my MOBO CD to the desktop, i never running autoplay since i can run a computer.
Open the CD drive to explore CD contents and i copy each driver folder to the desktop
Next for the first time, i install the driver for Intel chipset

How to :

xp drivers on windows 8_1

Open chipset driver folder, find setup.exe. Don't use execution file with ASUS logo 'cause it's will autorun so you can't control it. Right click setup.exe chose Properties then on the next window tab Compatibility. Change the setting so it will be Compatible to Windows XP SP3 then Apply and OK.
xp drivers on windows 8_2

Back again to setup.exe ten right click and Run as Administrator. Reboot after finish
Next do the same way to LAN driver. Hit Finish after installation.
xp drivers on windows 8_3

It will asked you to reboot the system, just say Yes
xp drivers on windows 8_4

The last driver to install is SoundMax audio driver. Do the same way as before.
xp drivers on windows 8_5

Next, next and next to install such an easy for a child. But at the end of installation finished a warning present and it say Driver Not Found. Uuffff.....fuckin' shit damn bulshit it happens at the end. Have reboot the system each time but task bar show sound icon in red cross only. God..i have no sound in my computer.
Next decide to right click Computer then Manage and click on Device Manager. Yes Sound driver in yellow icon.
xp drivers on windows 8_6

What next ???...don't worry, you only need to right click Multimedia Audio Device then Update driver. Chose Let me chose..on next window. And browse to the desktop where i've paste the audio driver folder then double click the audi driver folder and chose xp2k driver folder.
xp drivers on windows 8_7

Next windows says this to Device Manager after system rebooted
xp drivers on windows 8_8

Copy some mp3 files to my Music then i run 'em with Windows Media Player, Now Lenka singing and has her sound back as suppose to be.
xp drivers on windows 8_9

Lots of thank you to HOLLY ALLAH

Voila....Now Windows 8 runs perfect in my ASUS P5PE-VM with Pentium D Dualcore inside. Big surprise for a stupid man like ME.

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