Sunday, May 5, 2013

Repair SonyEricsson C510 Problems via SEUS


If you have a problem with your phone after you have performed flash your phone with a new version of C510 flash file, then it will may the answer on how to fix it free and easy [ i think so ]. Sometimes people want to make their device fresh by flashing the device to the latest version of phone firmware released. But the bad is, if you have downloaded the firmware not from the trusted support area [ by the way if you got that by googling ] will cause of trouble to the phone. Or maybe your internet connection has interrupted when download still run. Those little example of why you have corrupt flash file. Now we gonna fix that error occur  to SE C510, some contents can't be run or open.

Okay now we start it

- Prepare the battery full charged or at least still has 70% of power
- USB cable
- Good internet connection
- Open SEUS, update it first if the new version release.
- If there is a problem after update by running INITIALING only and have no next step after, you can kill install driver on Task Manager [ this happen to my Windows 7 ] after install driver process have end process it will do the next step. NOTE: do not close SEUS process when opening Task Manager.
- Next tick [v] i agree... then press Next
- On the next window chose phone model from drop down list or just scroll phone list by pictures
- On the next window read carefully on how to connect your phone. Cause SEUS always teach you for every phone model. Next follow the step to coonect your phone.

- Normally the phone should be turn off before you connect it to the computer. The best way are turn off the phone if it turn on, remove battery from phone for few seconds, and insert the battery back to phone. Next hold C button on the phone then plug the USB to the computer and phone. Keep holding C button until SEUS tells you that it has detect your phone
- Because we have flashed the phone before so SEUS will tell you. Nothing to worry, just forget it 'cause we need to make it perfect. Click INSTALL to start upgrade
- On the next confirmation just click YES
- Make sure you have a good quality internet connection to do upgrading your phone ON THE AIR. I think you better using a cable connection internet like what i have. And tell your electric company not to turn off the electric supply.
- After downloading finish it will automatically intall the update have downloaded to the computer into the phone. Don't do anything can interrupt the phone and pc connection
- When all finished again SEUS telling you how to disconnect the phone and pc
Follow the step show by SEUS. Now insert simcard and put back battery to phone then turn it on. The phone will start as the first time you bought it. So make a little settings.
Very nice and easy to do
have a good day and thank you very much

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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