Friday, May 24, 2013

Repair Bad Applications On NOKIA X3-00 RM-504


Due to bad software repair process can make some troubles to the phone. In case the phone on my hand was middle east variant for the original firmware version. It has changed to Indonesia variant without problem, but all original NOKIA application has gone out of the phone, the owner complain it to the man. But he can't do anything and can't give any reason to the owner. The question is how he can do the flashing to the phone but he doesn't know the problem after. The device can't run any application such as  facebook, opera, and even it could not open an image file.
The only reason is he got flashed a corrupt firmware to the phone, especially on contents file. Come follow me how to fix it.
First download X3-00 RM-504 flash firmware to your computer or you can save downloaded file straight to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix.
Use Nokia Data Package Manager to download the firmware, it will gives you safe firmware to flash.

Now i have the latest firmware for the phone, and the phone has old firmware version in it.
Next Launch Phonex Service Software. Hit File chose Open product.

Scroll search bar to find the phone type on the next window and hit OK

Next tab Flashing and hose Firmware Update

Then Firmware Update window will show, press Browse to locate Product Path you've made on setting and hit OK

After phone firmware added give check to [v] Dead phone USB flashing

Don't hit Refurbish at now, because exactly what we need is only a content file to write to the phone. Hit Option to edit firmware and delete unneeded file to write. But in my way i want to renew the phone using this latest firmware version, so i do not need to delete MCU and PPM on it.

The blue light above means the firmware need to write. Others unneeded in order if only want to fix application error. Chose one by one MCU and PPM then hit Delete out of the list. [ remember i want to renew so i don't need to delete any ] and hit OK.
Next back to Flashing main menu and prepare USB cable, phone, and so phone battery then press Refurbish

If the window Updating succeeded present hit OK

Pess Close to main window


Now turn on the phone. Little setting for time and date need to perform for booting the phone. Pass next settings present.
On the keyboard type *#7780# to reset the phone after flashing. If ask a security code type 12345 and press OK. Wait phone to load again and sett the date and time.
Now go to menu and run all phone applications there.I guarantee to you all of them will run good. That's all what we needs to do.

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