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Universal Android Flasher v1.40 b


 Universal Android Flasher v1.40 b (ROM-dump,adb,Fastboot,build.prop,etc.)

By: fonehacker

Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool$
Updated [16/8/2012] to to v1.40 beta
NANDROID Backup added!
Screenshot taker added!
ROM Dump - Backup/restore added!
Build.prop maker added!
Splash Image Maker added!
Android Flasher AIO 1

Warning:This is for advanced users only,I take no responsibility of any damage done to your device using this tool.
I was tired of typing commands for flashing my android,So i made a GUI Application that does all the hassle of flashing etc. easily.
It will work with most Android phones [Rooted] out there.
Right now it has following features:

1.Complete Fastboot Flasher: It can Flash Boot,Recovery,System,Userdata,Radio Images and even Splash Images.
It can also Help in Restoring Nandroid backups(not tested)
Android Flasher AIO 2

2.ADB Flasher: For Cyanogenmod only. It can Flash Boot images,Recovery Image and Splash Image on a Live Running Android Device without rebooting phone

3.Boot Animation Changer: yes it can also change boot animation of Android,
Just choose any zip file of any name and it will flash it.
If it throws an error try "remount System" button
Android Flasher AIO 3

4.Integrated ADB shell: Just with a single click of a button,the Output console becomes ADB shell.

5.Reboot menu: Reboot straight to recovery mode or Fastboot (bootloader mode) or reboot normally with a single click.
5.1 Remount System to r/w with a single click

6.APK Installer. (testing phase).

7.Universal Device Unrooter: removes superuser and SU binary.

8.Splash Screen Image Maker (Converter): Now you can make your own custom Splash Images and flash them straight away in a few clicks.
So many resolutions available.It automatically resizes and coverts the image files.
Android Flasher AIO 4

9.Build.prop editor: Now you can easily import build.prop file from your device or harddrive and edit it in inbuilt richtext editor and save it right on the device or your harddisk.

10.ROM Dump: Now you can dump ROM images easily with included 3 different methods (2 of them not tested)

11.Full Backup/Restore:now possible for ICS 4.0+ devices-easy backup and restore.

12.Online NANDroid Backup: Clockworkmod compatible Online Nandroid Backup-Works on all devices-No need to switch off the device.
ONandroid binary developed by "ameer1234567890"

13.Screenshot:now possible to take screenshots from PC (testing)-only for WVGA devices

While Flashing,there is no need to rename image files or copy pasting them here and there,Just browse to the desired file and flash it right away. Just that the path shouldn't have spaces in its name.!

Connect your device in Fastboot mode (for fastboot flasher) or in Debugging mode (for ADB flasher and Boot animation changer) and start the program.
the features are pretty much self explanatory.
If you get stucked or error comes in,you should rectify the problem and restart the application to ensure optimal performance.
Fastboot and ADB drivers must be installed and properly working before using this program.

Other upcoming features are:
1.Build.prop editor -added in v1.00
2.Kernel flasher
3.Recovery tools
6.Suggest more...
7.God knows what more...

Any suggestions are Welcome and much Appreciated.
This is an alpha application and may contains bugs like it won't show errors,you have to determine them by looking at shell output,but if you have connected device properly and have drivers installed,you won't run into problems!
This might not work on Windows Xp,You might need to install NET framework 4.0 or higher to make it work.

Latest Version 1.40 beta
Note: for ffmpeg converter to work,you must download ffmpeg from here and extract it in tools folder of flasher:
Mirrors for ffmpeg:

For those who are unable to get their devices connected: Try copying "adb","AdbWinApi",and"AdbWinUsbApi" files from your android-sdk(or wherever you have adb) to flasher's /tools folder (replacing original ones), then try running Flasher again.



[16/8/2012] New Release v1.40 beta:
Added Clockworkmod compatible Online NANDroid Backup
Added Ability to take screenshots
Better error handling
Added Splash screen

[01/8/2012] New Release v1.20 beta:
Added Backup/restore (for 4.0+ only)
Added ROM Dump !
Added Flash_image binary
Added QVGA-lanscape resolution
fixed some permission errors.

[25/7/2012] New Release v1.00 beta:
Build.prop Editor Added!
HD resolutions added in Splash maker (You can request more)
Radio/Modem flasher added in fastboot
added reboot from fastboot
List MTD partion info
Bootanimation changer fixed
Added alternate bootanimation changer
Added Apk reinstall option
Remount system fixed
Fixed splash overwrite bug
Changed download site for ffmpeg
Improved unrooter code

[20/7/2012] New Release 0.99:
Splash Image maker added
Refreshed UI
Too many internal changes

[17/7/2012] Minor Release 0.95.2:
Fixed Files path Bug (Having spaces in names)-now you can choose practically any file from any path.
Internal tweaks

[15/7/2012] New Release 0.95:
Added APK Installer
Added Universal unrooter
Other interface changes
Minor fixes

[14/7/2012] New Release 0.91:
Added reboot menu
Added flash_image binary installer for non CM phones
Added System remounter
Added integrated ADB shell
Fixed bootanimation changer
Minor fixes

[14/7/2012]Initial release 0.7

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