Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sony Ericsson E16i Xperia W8 Dead Phone Flashing


Diagnose : The phone doesn't start
                   When Power Button Pressed it's only have vibrate
                   No display after failed to boot up

1. Run setool2g.
2. Tab PDA, choose USB on Interface, and select phone type
e16 xperia w8 flashing-1
3. Tab Settings and check mark items there, see below picture
e16 xperia w8 flashing-2

4. Back to PDA now click Add to choose Firmware Package for E16i Xperia W8
e16 xperia w8-3

5. Then hit Identify
6. After phone identifying finished, now time to hit Flash. Wait the flashing progress finish
x16 xperia w8-4

7. After flashing and customizing the phone finished, Clear the firmware package field. Then again hit Flash button. Here it is the finalizing.

Attach the USB and phone battery out of the phone for a while. Put back the battery to the phone then turn on the phone. Now it should be okay. It's reborn.


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