Thursday, November 28, 2013

Repair Bad/Strange China Phones IMEI using MCNPro Box


Could You make a communication using your device without it ?
Simply IMEI is the soul of every phone device all over the world, without this you can't make any communication. 
For China phones devices it is very-very easy to repair IMEI of your Device, even it has multiple IMEI number. You can do it with non legal tool. It's so easy. But now i wanna show how to fix it using a legal tool called MCNPro Box the universal China phones flasher box.

The Steps below :

1. Run MCNPro Box.exe, on china phones has MTK/MT cpu based it will work fine through Rx Tx Scan method. But for others you need using USB Scan method [ it's little terrible to other cpu ]
2. Scan the device and hold power button or boot button [ sometimes need other as boot button ]
3. When scanning complete, Apply the result to the box by click Apply.
4. First at all try to read phone firmware for backup. Give it name for ex: something.BIN for the firmware. Next Backup NV Data, this is the most important to repair IMEI and save it as ex: something_NV.BIN
5. Now on the IMEI Options: click Read for the first IMEI number on the phone and next the second's.
6. Note: Please write on Notepad or on apiece of paper all IMEI number on the phone label. usually they typed on the label right on the phone battery case, so write 'em all.
7. Now go to Read/Write Flash: on the field click browse and find out your NV Data had backed up. This will really important to do repair IMEI. If you don't have that, the last 15 digits IMEI number won't automatically writen on the field.
8. Type both IMEI number to the fields of each. Next click Write to writing correct valid IMEI number to the device.
9. Compare your bad IMEI with the new just written. 
10. Proof it that the IMEI has correctly written without any mistakes by click Format Button on MCNPro Box. Then after formatting finish Read back the phone IMEI's.
11. Take a look at MCNPro result log, are they still there, if it's yes you're lucky one. You do the right job

And Now the phone is ready to communicate with it's friends around the country.

That's all what we need. Keep fight NOOBS....
Thank you for your coming

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