Friday, November 8, 2013

Install Windows 8 safely [ for trying and educational only ]


What should to know before trying to install Windows 8 into a PC or Notebook? Windows 8 has variate security shield built in into the setup. There some deffence like Norton, Mc Afee, Microsoft Security Essential [ known as windows deffender ] and so SmartScreen that not just in Internet Explorer.
This is the way how to safely trying this product. Again i will say it is for trying this Windows only. If you have tried the product you can buy it to get full protections from Microsoft and give some burger for Mr. Gates .

Here it is the way i have tried:

1. Install Windows 8 by entering the serial key at the begining.
2. Windows will copying all needs for installation to your drive.
3. When finished copy files Windows will restart.
4. When PC Name showing up type the name for your PC or you then NEXT
5. On settings choose "Customize". Do not use "Express settings"
6. On the next window, leave Windows Update as default > ON
    On privacy :
    Turn OFF "Windows SmartScreen" by clicking the slide button, so it will says "OFF" then do the same to     Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter and click NEXT
7. Stay on the settings turn OFF "Send Microsoft bla..bla.." turn OFF all here then NEXT.
8. For "Check Online For Solution to Problem" leave it as default setting or you can change if its need.
9. For Share Info with Apps, turn OFF both items and click NEXT.
10. Next type User name and password, then click FINISH

Now time to drink a cup of java coffee and smooke a cigarete while Windows completing the installation
When you see the Start screen on your desktop that is what you are waiting for. If you are a kind of a lazy as me you can put everything you need to desktop or Pin to the taskbar. Move you mouse to the right corner of your desktop to make change to the desktop.
Now if you want to cracking it by any kind offline activator you can go to Settings > Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center.
Make sure all protections on red labels. And now you can activate it safely and copying everything pirates tools without any trouble of Wondows Deffender.
Then you can try and taste the fresh new Windows 8 on your PC. If you like it buy it. The builder wants avoid hungry.
Thank's to DryCOOLAre for advices

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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