Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hardware Solution Part 1

I.1. Signal Problem

      Damage to the area of rx/tx we can see with no appearance of the signal field on the display screen. Indications for this case is with the sim card that had been installed on the phone but not the signal field indicator appears, or with the appearance of the warning " No Signal/ No Network ".

How to fix :
a. Check the connection between the antenna and antenna pad on the PCB of the cell phone. Make sure the connections are both in really good connection.

b. Do signal checking by searching signal manually, if at least 3 operators get, rx works well signify the area. Otherwise if no operator is available or get the operator but only one. This indicate there is trouble on rx area. Do ' REBALL' on rx ic. If the repairs do not result we had to do replacement rx ic with a 100% new.

c. After doing a search using the manual system there is no problem that occure then proceed to check in tx area. Check the signal field using a DC Power Supply "Bakku" that has signal field indicator. Plug the PS output taps to each cell phone batteries connector. Do not forget to install BSI tap in checking your NOKIA. With the sim card that has been installed on mobile phones if there is no problematic  tx amperes PS Bakku needle will go up and stop beating after the signal is obtained, and this was following by blinking indicator lights signal field that existed at PS Bakku. If there are no features such as the above indicates a problem with the tx area. Do a blow on the tx ic. If not manage to replace it with a new tx ic.

d. If the point b and c have carried out but the signal does not also want to come then do the check switc antenna. Replace switc antenna or jumper if necessary.

e. When all has been done but not to fruitful next step to do FLASH the phones, do some preliminary checks on the PM of cell phone and read RPL for backup.

Similarly, discussion a phone hardware problematic at the signals for this time. I'll continue this post next time in some parts. Because of the explanation will give a very long than we do the practice directly. But i hope you following to my posting continuosly even a little knowledge can be gained. Because it's better than nothing at all to give an explanation to all of us.
For the attention of all colleagues NEWBIE i can only express my gratitude profusely.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh..

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae

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