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Tune Up Utilities 2011

      Tune Up Utilities 2011 with serial number free

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What's realy this can do change to your computer, take a while to these review i share to you for all the tab menu function summary.

1. Status & recmmemdation :

a. Maintain system
    - Increase PC performance and stability
    - Save time and its easy to use
                                          - Run as 1-Click Maintenance by pressing a button or as Automatic Maintenance in the background.

b. Increase performance
    - Immediately shows how many tuning recommendations are still waiting to be run
    - With the click of a button, you get all details on aspecific optimization
    - Based on a personally create usage profile

c. Fix problems
    - Points directly to errors
    - Solved all problems: most with a click of the mouse
    - Provide a secure system

d. Configure Live Optimization
    - Distributes resources efficiently
    - Increases the reaction speed of active programs
    - Speed up start up of all programs

e. Turbo Mode
    - Generate maximum peformance for Windows, programs and games
    - Shut down over 70 PC "brakes" that run in the background
    - Allow for visibly smoother working, gaming, and surfing
    - Tuning status
    - Its useful optimization checklist
    - Depicts tuning action that were already out
    - Identifies unused tuning potential

2. Optimize system

a. Reduce system load
    - World innovation: Tune Up Program Deactivator
    - Ensure maximum performance and rejuvenated Windows
    - Prevent your PC from beeing slowed down by those programs you rarely never use
    - Provides you a smart alternative to uninstalling all those programs
    - Gives you complete control over your system load

b. Rating function for programs
    - Provides support targeted to your tuning decissions
    - The star rating system make things easy to understand
    - Evaluates programs based on the experiences of the users

c. Uninstal unneeded programs
    - Provides information on unneeded program
    - Points out of software that hogs up memory
    - Give you more speed on your PC
    - Disable startup programs
    - Reduces PC startup time
    - Removes annoying icons and balloons ffrom the taskbar notification area
    - Maximize performance

3. Perform maintenance task manually

a. Clean registry
    - Keeps errors in Windows and programs to a minimum
    - Displays details on current problems
    - Cleans the registry with just a few click

b. Defragment registry
    - Repairs structural defects
    - Free up unused disk space
    - Effectively prevents less of performance

c. Remove broken shortcuts
    - Create order on your PC
    - Delete orphaned shortcuts and references
    - Avoid error messages when launching shaortcuts

d. Accelerate system startup and shut down
    - Reduces Windows startup and shutdown times
    - Show which programs have negative effect on system startup
    - Optimize system and program setting

e. Defragment hard disk
    - Reduce program loading time
    - Speed up opening and copying of files
    - Allows programs and games to run more smoothly

4. Gain disk space

a. Clean hard disk
    - Finds all unnecessary files and backups
    - Examines unused Windows functions
    - Cleans out unnecessary data with the click of a button

b. Analize memory usage and delete data
    - Discover greedy memory hogs
    - Deletes unnecessary data dead weight
    - Create new, intellegent ordering

c. Securly delete data
    - Delete sensitive data for good
    - Provides three different methods from fast to secure
    - Guarantees maximum privacy

5. Fix problems

a. Check system and fix problems
    - Fixes common Windows problems in a flash
    - Fixes error in displaying desktop icons
    - Safely takes care of changes to the registry

b. Check hard disk for error
    - Finds errors on data media
    - Repair damages or missing files
    - Efectively prevents loss of data
d. Display and close running data
    - Precisely shows processor utilization and memary use
    - Provides information on file necessary by active programs
    - Gives you of overview  open process

e. Restore deleted files
    - Restore deleted files
    - Saves data given up for lost
    - Also works with USB sticks and memory cards

f. Show system information
    - Shows all details on hardware and software
    - Gives an overview of all computer resources
    - Provides information about  the entire system, fast and easily

6. Custumize Windows

a. Change Windows appearance
    - Improve the appearance of your Windows interface with Tune Up Styler
    - Replace all visual elements effortlessly and safely
    - Provides free design template downloads

b. Modify Windows setting
    - Affect over 400 Windows setting
    - Explain each setting clearly and understandly
    - Save you having to make risky changes to the registry

7. Overview of all function

a. Show Optimization Report
    - Clearly show how many PC problems were already fixed
    - Gives you an overview of performance optimizations 
    - Include results from the last 7 days, 30 days and from when Tune Up Utilities 2011 was first installed

b. Check for updates
    - Always keep Tune Up 2011 up to date
    - Guarantees up to date help through constant enhancement
    - Provide free update to download

c. Edit registry
    - Simplyfies registry editing for PC professionals
    - Saves time to thanks to the bookmark and search function
    - Allows you to undo changes ( via Tune Up Rescue Center )

      Those all of the builder said as its product to the users, here i only share to everyone who wants to know what its can do to make your system runs normaly or event faster and better than before. Try this first so you can say its useful...for everything affect to your system is your own risk. But you'll never know if you do not try and believe me its 100% works safely if you read first the explaination on it task.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae

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