Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hardware Solution Part 1.2

I.2. Signal strength indicator appears but cannot make a call

How to fix:

a. Check the user setting from 'Menu', check whether the setting 'Call setting' and 'Phone setting' are correct. When the phone from BB 5 generation do reset user setting by typing *#7370#. Then type 12345 for code asked if it was never been changed.

b. When the settings have been adjusted but still the same result obtained, do check tx area.

c. Make sure Vtx, tx IC and wiring lines are good.

d. If still gathering same trouble replacing tx IC with a new one

e. Check to searching signal operator using manual search do it several times so you can find any difference case after do that. If there is differences for the result on manual search. It could be a trouble shoot on rx IC. Blow it or replace with new IC if necessary.

f. When all have done and still the same, go to software checking or do re-flash using higher version of firmware. Check PM data and backup first for RPL and 308.

      All posts about signal problems that occur on the phone is the end of the staple explaination in the case of the most common SIGNAL.Hopefully this post gives benefits to all colleagues who have visited this blog. On the next Hardware Solution Part II we will talk about dead phone. So follow the post for each trouble shooting way to resolve the problems.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh..

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