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UFSx Tornado Common Problems & solutions part 2

Problems and solutions on DCT 4

Problem : ' 1st Boot Err: Bad Resp UPP, 0X FF FF 72 '

This error says taht box cannot communicate with Phone via Flash-Bus interface. Do all steps as described in ' 1st Boot Err: Bad Resp DCT 3' topic.
Here 0X in response string gives some information:
                   1. Mobile not Powering Up
                   2. Mobile not entering flash mode
                   3. UPP not respond

NOTE: DCT 4 Phones must start in ' LOCAL ' mode when powering up

Problem Erasing or Flashing fails in the middle of process

                   1. Check cable, especially BSI wire ( RJ 45 Pin (<_>) Dummy battery)
                   2. Try slower Flash-Bus speed

Problems and solutioan in DCT 4 WD 2 (Symbian) Phones

Problem ' Contactc Retailer...' or blinking 'NOKIA' on LCD

Warning !!!: Never do 'UI Factory Defaults', 'Full Factory Defaults', and 'Software Upgrade Defaults'. Use these functions only when the Phone fails.

                    1. Do 'Full Factory Defaults'
                    2. Switch Phone to 'NORMAL' mode ( Can fail here )
                    3. Switch Phone to "LOCAL' mode
                    4. Do Format User Area
                    5. Switch to 'NORMAL' mode
                    6. If Fail repeat step 1-4, check if match MCU and PPM software version

Note : WD2 phones Booting is slow, so please be patience here, and don't do these steps fast. If Phone doesn't Enters 'LOCAL' mode when connected or after Flashing, please check cable with schematics ( BSI Wire ) here must be serials Resistor on BSI ( 3.3 Kohm )

Here described are only most frequently common errors
NOKIA 6600 MCU, PPM, BT, FORMAT step by step
                     1. Select the MCU and PPM files, speed choose "NORMAL"
                     2. Press "Start" button to do the job
                     3. When Flashing is done, choose "NORMAL" in UI Setting, after that can see the "Init Normal Mode OK" in the software.
                     4. Choose "LOCAL" mode in UI Setting, after that can see the "Init Normal Mode OK" in the software
                     5. Press the "Format User Area" button, after that can see the "Format USer Area OK" in the software
                     6. Done


      Manage by this way :
                      1. Flash Phone ( MCU & PPM selected/use higher version ) with speed set to 'NORMAL', UI option set to 'full factory'. Do not use .ini setting and disable Auto detect.
                      2. Power Up phone, phone says 'contact retailer'
                      3. Put in 'NORMAL' mode
                      4. Format user area gives error "cannot format"
                      5. Put in 'NORMAl' mode phone resets with insert sim card tested-phone 100% working with full signal..

Simple solution for 6600 "Contact Retailer" or "4Blinks"

        Step 1 :
                      a. Click Erase Flash
                      b. Start Address: 02000000
                      c. End Address : 027FFFFF
NOTE: If you get an "Erase Flash Error" message in a specific address in the FLASH IC, this means that you have a DAMAGED FLASH IC. You will need to replace flash IC number 2 inside the phone. ( The 6600 has 4 Flash ICs inside ).

        Step 2 :
                       If you are successful in erasing Flash IC number 2, make full flash of the phone...MCU, PPM, Bluetooth If required.

         Step 3 : If you are successful in full flashing the phone, put battery inside the phone and you SHOULD GET " Contact Retailer " message again. Then remove the battery and put it back then press and hold "CALL" button + " * " button + "3" then press the power button while still holding the 3 buttons above.
The phone should start FORMATING itself ( NOTE :there must be no sim card inside the phone while doing this )

After formatting, phone should be OK... but need to update a good PM file if necessary.


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