Monday, August 15, 2011

K810i blank solution

      At this post i will share how to solve the hang problem happens on the handset the Sony Ericsson family of series K, in the case occuered in the type of mobile phone K810i.
Need to be use in this occasion is very common is owned and in use by the new phone technician like me. Hopefully what describe can provide useful benefits for fellow NEWBIE.
      Prepare a Flasher Box UFS Tornado already pinned HWK Original module there in or you can use both N-Box and UFS Micro that ready built in HWK module on sale.
     Firmware for Sony Ericsson K810i CID 53 or corresponding result boot UFS ( you can download the firmware from the support if the file doesn't exist )

Step :

1. Connect the UFS to the computer
2. Double click the icon SeDBx
3. Connect the phone to the UFS box
4. Simply click the Boot button to know the type and firmware on mobile phone
5. After you click the Boot button will be automatically charged the phone type, also note on the message phone info box there is to know the firmware version that running on phone system
6. Fill all the necessary files to the K810i flashing to the box Flash Image Files
7. After all the data flash file have been loaded correctly click the Flash button
8. Wait for the flashing process goes to completion ( the time it takes a little bit long )
9. After all do the stage Finishing

      Once all is done do testing on the handset to prevent complaints from consumers.
Turn the handset by entering the simcard and its external store room ( micro stick ). Test the handset to make calls, send and received message, test the camera and all of the feature standart factory applications. Make sure all have been working with normaly so that you do not have to bother your costumer to return to face new problems after flashing.

      So that i can share for fellow on this opportunity, hopefuly all of which i have describe above can help colleagues and give useful benefits. Thank you verymuch

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Thank you for all the readers to visiting this blog.

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