Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Burning ISO File On Windows 7

      Basically how to burn files with CD burning programs is the same, there are many programs that can be used to burn a file into a CD or DVD. As an example of common and widely used in general is NERO, Power ISO, Ashampoo Burning Studio etc.
      But this time i will share how to burn ISO files onto a CD using Power ISO on Windows 7. I prefer to use the program because of its simple interface and easy to understand. Before you Burn the ISO files into a CD or DVD, first prepare the ISO files from the downloads that had previously been done. However because the file is still in some parts of the file extention RAR then we must unite those files first.
The way is very easy, blocks all ISO RAR files then right click and select 'Extract Here' see the image

Note: the new files that emerge from the last extract, make a new folder and name the folder 'XPSP3' or anything what's up your will power. After that COPY and PASTE the new file had to extract the folder and do to the file into the folder 'XPSP3'

Pay attention!! do not delete ISO RAR ( Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated March 2011 SATA) and let it mix with all the file extracted. When finished exit and close the folder.
Now open Power ISO program to start the actual burn an ISO file. I hope you are using CD-RW just to avoid wasting CD's when errors occur in the process burning it.
1. On the main menu of Power ISO click on 'Open'
2. Find the folder where you store your windows xp iso file that was last perform.
    Previously to the new dialog box that appears on the next to 'File Name' change to 'All Files'. Scroll the mouse down and at the very buttom click the option 'ALL Files' then navigate to the folder where the ISO file 'XPSP3' save it.

Pay attention!! select ISO file is still in RAR form only (Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated March 2011 SATA.rar), then click 'Open' button. So automatically all the files in the folder 'XPSP3' will be extracted into the program Power ISO and you can see on the left below that the file is 'Bootable Image' or actually an ISO file which you can boot via CD-ROM drive in your system BIOS.
After all files are listed as in the example image, click 'Burn' button. After that a new dialog window will appear.
Note: if you use a CD-RW see on the box 'Burning Parameter' in the 'Burning Speed' change of the value of Maximum to 10X(1765KB/s). Because when kept at the 'Maximum' value to make the result of using CD-RW burning failed. Then click 'Burn' button on it window.

So easy and simple steps to burn an ISO file using the program Power ISO  is a user friendly. I hope to give something that benefits us all. For those who do not have Power ISO download it HERE.
For all the attention i would like to thank you profusely.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh

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