Monday, August 29, 2011


XoftSpySE, an anti-spyware program made by Pareto, is simple, but effective on-demand scanner with the typical set of functions. The product does not rise above similar products. It does not even provide real-time protection. Nevertheless, it manage  to detect almost any kinds of spyware, adware and hijackers, including new rapidly spreading parasites.
       XoftSpySE was noticeably improved in comparison with XoftSpy, the previous version that have tested long time ago. The new product does not miss threats and actually removes found parasites.
       The program scans the Windows Registry running processes, files and folders on all local drives. It can perform full system scan or check only certain user defined locations. XoftSpySE uses large spyware definition database which currently includes almost 43.300 pest signatures, it is update on regular basis. The program provides detail information on each detected objects. It shows the parasites location. Its author, type and danger level.
       XoftSpySE includes helpful functions for the Internet Explorer default safe settings, and prevent browser hijacks.
       The applications scan engine is reliable, but relatively slow. Full system scan on a regular modem computer can take up to 45 minutes. Selective scans are much quicker but less thorough. The program has a simple, clean and quite attractive interface.
       The free version refuses to remove any malware it finds. It asks to register and purchase the full product.
The official website is Order are made VID reputable services using secure connection.

Download free version HERE
Download full version HERE

Installation guide for full ver :
1. Download and extract file
2. Double clicks on XoftSpySE.Anti-Spyware.v6.0.Full
3. Then will show picture above, click on "Wld-Otiba" to installing the program
4. See on your desktop for XoftSpySE icon. if there is XoftSpySE icon existed that means installation completed. Close the window above and reboot your computer
5. Open your internet connection, then run XoftSpySE for the first time its will automatically downloading its new version, wait untill finished and close after finished
6. Re-run XoftSpySE for the new full version, good luck and enjoy it

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