Friday, August 26, 2011

UFSx Tornado Common Problems & Solutions

I. UFSx Tornado DCT3 problems & solutions

Problem, "1st Boot Err: Bad Resp DCT3"

This error says that box cannot communicate with the phone via Flash-Bus interface

              1. Check cables by schematics, use 'beeper' here to make all wires are 100% connected and well crimped.
              2. If you have this error on 5110, 6110, 6200, 7110 phones be sure that you are using DCT3 cable, DCT4 (6310) cable has differen schematics and cannot be use with DCT3 phones.
              3. Check if phone can communicate with box via M-Bus ( click "Info" button )
              4. Make sure that box empowering phone, then press "Check" button, left LED power must switch off for 1 second.
              5. DCT3 phones must power up automatically when connected to the box, box must be in DCT3 mode. Also when you click on "Check" it should power up the DCT3 phones. Then switching between DCT3 and DCT4 modes phones must power up.

Problem: " Contact Service" on LCD

This error cause few reasons:
               Firmware checksum error
               1. Try to use slower Flash-Bus speed, not all phones support "FAST".
               2. Did MCU software version match with PMM version?
               3. If 3310 or 3410 phone, did you use last version of DCTx with "Erase" hole option selected.

              PPM area currupted
               1. Make "UI default" and "Set Faid"
               2. Make "Init Simlock"
               3. Make "Rebuild Imei" then repeat steps 1 & 2
               4. If error still present try Flashing PPM area using virgin PMM content ( PPM= Eprom area)
Warning : All original Radio setting, User setting, IMEI will be lost, we highly recommended to backup PPM before ( READ FLASH ). After PMM Flashing must do " Rebuild Imei " and steps 1, 2
               Hardware fault :
                1. Check COBBA S/N ( click "Info" ) if number 00000000 COBBA is faulty.
                   ( some patched software also gives COBBA S/N 00000000, Try to reflash )
                2. Defective Flash memory chip
                    Normally this gives erasing or writing error while Flashing
                3. Defective MAD Asic, CCONT Asic.

Problem No Radio coverage :
                1. Always make "Set Faid" after flashing.

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