Friday, December 28, 2012

Flashing CROSS P1T [ MTK 6252 ] via MCN Pro


First before you do a job further there is some tricks to make the able to boot by USB on MCN Pro Box.

1. You have had MTK USB VCOM installed on your system
2. One piece of Keyboard dome for phone booting key
3. MCN Pro Box with correct COM setting
4. Flash cable No. 30 [ C5C ]

How to do :

1. Prepare little piece of transparent tape and a dome keypad

2. Open your front case of phone, place the new keypad you've made on the left up corner of your phone board. See picture below.

3. I assume you have prepared your MCN Pro box already, now open this program. Check it on Device manager does it has right COM setting

4. Set your MCN Pro to scanning usb by click Usb Scan button.

5. Make settings as picture below, then click button no.2 [ Holding Power On Read Status ] but you do not need to press and hold the power button and it will keeps scanning.

6. Next to start scanning the pinouts just click Start button, then press and hold your new boot button and then press and hold power button too. See what will happen

7. When MCN Pro has detect pinouts and your device your system will show you a pop-up on the bottom right corner of MTK USB Port ready to use. You can start to do everything to your device by now. See in Device Manager where the port is

8. Before starting any job you better SAVE it firts then APPLY to box. Then you can do more

9. Now backup your device firmware first before doing some fixes to the device

10. Now do what you wanna do to your device 'cause you have detect it nicely via MCN Pro Box.

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