Monday, December 31, 2012

NOKIA 3110c Blinking


Before i explain anything here i would like to say a greet to the all friends whose came here to my blog. Happy New Year of 2013, let's left behind all bad fortune for 2012 and wish for everything would be great on 2013.
Today we gonna resolve the troubles happen to NOKIA 3110c that blinking only, so the device wants be start.
The only tool have to prepare is UFS-3 the Tornado box.

1. Open UFSDCx_BB5, fill at least MCU in Files and Settings then you can do Check to your device connection.
why should i use UFS just because my MX Key do this job like a dumb.
Next you can try to do something like read info, etc. But you should to know that in my case i can't do further except to connect the device to UFS, but this more lucky for me than i can got anything like MX Key did.
This tell us how was the trouble are very significant happen to flash chip ic. And we need to perform flashing the device to get it backs to the good condition. But you may need to know what is exactly cause of the whole errors to the phone. By the files in Files and Settings we can perform Self Test to learn it.
Check below what's wrong

2. Click Self  Test to look up the troubles are.
They means terrible, nothing say OK, the whole firmwares has corrupted. The only need to do is a full flash.

3. Before we performing full flash we better to backup everything that still can readout from the phone, and fortunate i can still backing up the most important BB5 phone Certificates from the phone. Holly Allah thank you.
We should to know that in some case i've handled it can fix only by restore phone to the factory by Ui Settings. But it doesn't at now

4. Now you have to fill all firmwares to start the full flash process. Make sure you have chosen the right firmwares you need. So you can click the Write Flash command button. And wait it finished

5. For the last step is perform Ui Settings. Then after it completed the phone would able to boot to the Test Mode. That mean you can completely perform phone backup including PM files and so PM 308 that is really necessary.

That all we need to to fix the problems to the phone. I hope you enjoy it

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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