Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Flashing SAMSUNG Champ Duos E 2652 W


SAMSUNG GT-E 2652 W cannot start. The phone freeze on USB connection mode on the display. Have tried some tricks using flasher box including UFS Tornado but undone. On UFS i've tried to change USB connection until USB 2 but still didn't detect the phone
Try to emergency recovery using SAMSUNG KIES has the same problem, even when i have update SAMSUNG KIES to earlier version its still blind, the driver still not detect the phone.
So i doing this for the last try and successful, I'm so sorry that i'm rarely to share the whole process of flashing samsung mobile to all my friends. Because the reason of the difficulty to do repair software on samsung mobile. Even with the same tool and software not all phone technician can do. There always be a problems to do.
But now i'll show you how to get back your phone to normal. Only showing how not teaching cause i'm an amateur man.

1. Close other program for samsung. Make sure nothing opened.
2. Install Infineon USB flash driver or USB cable driver to your system, reboot your system.
3. Open a program named Infineon Flashtool.

4. Click Browse button to Add every needed firmwares for flashing mobile process, step by step just click the picture above to see the details.
5. Insert phone battery to the phone, plug USB cable of CA-101 type to one of your PC port.
6. Press and hold volume UP and Lock buttons at the same time, while holding those 2 button plug USB cable to your phone and don,t release your hold. Quickly click NEXT button.
7. A new window will show, with still pressing both button click Start USB 1 button, and will inject EBL to your phone.

8. When the phone has detected by it, the flashing process will automatically start. Remember do not doing anything unnecessary while process in progress or you'll break the phone permanently. This is your own risk i have no responsibility to the damage to your phone, so think before you doing.
9. Wait until flashing completed. It will showing you SUCCESS notification on the up side of progress bar and on the log. That mean you have done.

10. Finished

In case you can't establish a connection of phone to the PC you can click FILE > USB Map Wizard. Or you can press Ctrl + U to repair the connection

a. In the window you can following whatever note there

b. Unplug USB out of phone and so the battery, then click the NEXT button.

c. On the next window shows, plug back USB to phone then battery and hold a while the phone power button until you have notification of USB Flash Loader Utility on the corner of your PC display. Then reverse to the step number 6

Hopefully Useful

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