Friday, December 21, 2012

NOKIA X2-02 Dead Phone Solutions

Indeed, this job is a job that I hate all my age. Due to this work is the rest of the other phone technicians inconsequential process. Mobile phones can not be turned on, no display on the screen, no light from the led light. Only shakes from a vibrator when acquiring the power of mobile phone battery.
Here is a freebie and failures when I use MXkey, Even the UFS tornado not real has entirely.

Fortunate to still have a Phoenix Service Software, although it should use the cracked version.

1.  Run Phoenix ssw program
2.  Click the File tab and select Open Product

3.       Select RM-694 (Nokia X 2-02)

4.    Connect the USB to the computer and cell phone, when you are using windows 7 please wait windows 7 drivers detect mobile phones to complete.
5.     After your phone is detected and appears to notice your device ready to use, click the Flashing tab and select Firmware Update.
6.  On the firmware update window click the Browse button next to the Product Code

7.  Select the firmware RM-694 then OK

8.  After the entered on the Product firmware Information, Phoenix SW flashing function keys have not functioning [does not light up]

. 9.Check the Dead Phone Usb Flashing, next buttons that function to run the repair process will turn on [ light up ]
10. Click the Refurbish button to start the flashing process. In the pop-up that appears please just follow in his direction indicated

11. Next you only need to wait, there is nothing you need to do so that it can break the flashing process is running

12. Towards the flashing process  finished the phone will reboot automatically and install the drivers again. You don't need to be panic, just let this process run itself until it is finished
13.  Next when it flashing process done there will be a message Firmware updating succeeded

14. Click OK on the pop-up that appears, release the USB from your mobile phone. Close the Firmware Update window and Phoenix SW at all.

15. Remove the battery for a few moments, plug the battery back in the phone and turn on your mobile phone
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