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How To Install Dream Box

      DreamBox is one of the repair tool for sony ericsson, there is many tools for repairing problem with sony ericsson here is the one the tool to do repairing sony ericsson. Today i  just want to share how to install this software program to our computer. I'm using Windows XP Professional on my computer, i hope it would help you who just bought a new DreamBox for resolving the problem face with sony ericsson. It is support almost all Siemens EGOLD platform, and no need to disassembling the Siemens SGOLD platform. Doing good for Unlock and break the phone code. DreamBox including test point scheme so we do not need to be afraid to do test point. The test point scheme will guide us to the point we have to do test point. I will guide you step by step for the best perform for your DreamBox. Let's just startin'

These the steps to do:

1. Double click  on SetupDreamBox to installing the main software of it.
2. Click 'Next' on the DreamBox Setup Wizard window.
3. For the destination folder just make it default no need to change.
4. Then click 'Next' to continuing the installation.
5. On the "Additional Icons" check (V) all for Desktop icon then click 'Next'.
6. Next step just click 'Install' to start intallation.
7. Wait the minute the installation runing process 'till finish.
8. On the window Device Driver Installation Wizard click 'Continue Anyway'.
9. After the driver has instlled will show to the desktop of 'completing the Device Driver Installation Wizard'  then click 'Finish'.
10. Then click 'Next' to continue the installation.
11. Click 'Finish' after second driver installation finish and don't check (v) on 'Launch DreamBox' just click Finish.
12. Reboot your computer to finishing all process.

The Last Step:

1. Plug your DreamBox to the computer after reboot.
2. See on the tray icon for message 'Found New Hardware Wizard', it's mean your DreamBox device still unrecognize by the computer.
3. You can choose 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced).
4. Click 'Next' to continuing.
5. Click 'Browse' on 'Found New Hardware Wizard' to lacate the driver manualy.
6. Look for the driver address on C:\Program Files\DreamBox\Driver, then 'OK'.
7.When the driver address is right the 'OK' button will light then click 'OK', so you can click 'Next'.
8. Click  'Continue Anyway' to continue the driver installation.
9. Click 'Finish' after shown 'Completing the Found New Hardware wizard'.
10. See again to the tray icon for message 'Found New Hardware/Your new hardware is installed and ready to use', that means now you can doing job with your new DreamBox.

      These all only the experience of mine when i'm installing the DreamBox for the firs time after i got my new device ( DreamBox). If you do not agree or you want to make this explanation more better you can leave a comment bellow. I just want to sharing of what i got on my experiences, so i hope will no problem when you try use this advice to install your new DreamBox on your computer. and i wish it's will be useful  for who needed. Thank you for spent your time on this blog. See you on the next post.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh.
Thank's to:

Allah SWT the only God.
The prophet MUHAMMAD SAW
And everyone joint to this meaningless blog, thank you very much guys God Bless you all

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