Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Accellerate Internet Connection

      Now the time for us to share how to make a stable internet connection. The solution here i want to share run for Windows XP and Windows 7. I hve tested this way on both operating system and work good. There is so manny problems on internet connection complain by the user. Especially in my country, if we want more good connection we need to spent more money. So how with the user don't have money to pay for 1 or 2 mbps connection? it's just the dream never come true.

      But now i have an easy way to make my 384kbps works good for supporting my job, we won't need a software to do this. We have to make a little change only for this. But if we want more better when downloading we need a software for download manager, for example Internet Download Manager (IDM). You can try my way on your computer for trial and make compare before and after you make a change. And you can restore again the default value if you don't agree with this way. Now i will explain how to do:

       I. Winmdows XP:

 1. CLick Start > Run
 2. On the Run box type " gpedit.msc " > "OK"
 3. On the Computer Configuration windows > doble click "Administrative Template"
 4. Chose the " Network " folder and double click on it.
 5. In the folder of  "Qos Packet Scheduler " open it by double click.
 6. After Qos Packet scheduler has open, see on the right side for " Limit reservable bandwidth ".
 7. Double click on " Limit reservable bandwidth " then will show the " Limit reservable bandwidth Properties ".
 8. On the open " setting " tab will show " not configured " if you never make a change before. This is  the default value for windows to update the system on your computer. ( we gonna change it value, but you can rollback this default value ).
 9. Change it to " Enable " by click on it. We will see below the " Bandwidth Limit (%) " value is 20 ".
 10. Change the value (20) to zero (0) by click the arrow " down ".
 11. Click " Apply " after finish then " OK ".
 12. Close task manager then reboot your computer the change.
  13. Finish.

       II. Windows 7:

 1. Click " Sart "
 2. Control panel.
 3. Click " Network and Internet".
 4. On the " Network and sharing center " > click " View Network status and task ".
 5. ON the left pane choose " Change adapter settings ".
 6. Choose the type of your internet connection ( for example: Local Area Connection > double click on it ).
 7. On the " Local Area Connection Properties " click " Networking ".
 8. Delete (uncheck) the check list on " Qos Packet Scheduler " then click " OK ".
 9. Close all session then reboot PC.
 10. finish.

       Make everything easier with sharing to others. Remember that two heads better than one head. Thank you very much for all attention to this blog and have agood time. See you again in the next topic.

 Wassallamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh.

 Special Thank's to:
 1. Allah SWT
 2. The prophet Muhammad SAW.
 3. My Parents.
 4. All the readers come from Abroad : Belgium, Netherland, Germany, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia and other country.

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