Monday, June 6, 2011

Lot of Thanx to The Readers from Abroad

      I was never think of what i'm writing here on my all posted will read by the readers from abroad of my country, it is realy out of my mind before and i never checking out of my stats before. Then i'm trying to checking from where the readers are, it is realy surprisin' me exactly. However it is still to young to my free blog old and in otherside in my blog the content only have an indonesian national language, but when i knew the biggest readers of my blog are the people come from far away of my country by the stats there is a question in my self, do they make a mistake by opening my blog or they realy know what i've wrote here in my blog?...hee...hee..heeee......
      By the way it's not bad when i'm saying thank you to you all whose comes from BELGIUM, GERMANY, and US. Especialy for the Belgiums you're all the biggest on my stats Guys, i'm realy thanx for all your attentions.
Peoples like you all always made me proud to give all i know about everythink to share, but don't ever lost your
dictionary i hope...hee..hee...hee....,cause you'll never got an international langguage here..
      But someday i'll try to posting something else in english, but i'm realy sorry if my english not verygood, it just because i'm hari not prince harry ...hee...heee...
Guys you have to know that i'm a fuckin' silly Indonesian native who wrote my own resolve problems by my own experiencies. I only graduated of a high school like most in Indonesia.
      So........i hope among of you all from wherever you are who could understanding the Indonesian national language to be pleasant to help me make translation into every your national language. I'm really glad if you do  that,....upppssss...but don't forget to agreeeee......hee...heee...heeeeeeee........

      Ok readers this is the THANK'S GIVING by hari setyawan or to you all who have wisely come to this blog. This is the greatest support to me, again thank you for all of  you  guys............
See u again on the next post... Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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