Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to install MCN Pro

      How to install MCN Pro for the first time, it's about explaination how to do that on the right way i have done successful. I will show to you who just buy a new MCN Pro and didn't know how to install it on your computer. I hope it could helping you to resolve the problem when you have no one to ask. For the firts i install this suite exactly i have a problem too. That why i want to release this topic, i hope it could help you to get the answer of the problem. By share this topic i'm wondering no more headache to resolve it.

1. Insert your CD Installer you got the package.
2. Open the CD Drive, Double click on MCN Pro Setup 2.0.1 ( depend to you got from the reseller)
3. Then click Next, in the next new window type user name (your true name), organization, then type the 20 digit activation code on the rear sticker under the S/N number for example: 1111-0000-1111-0000-1111.
4. Click Next to continuing the process, in the next window do not change the destination folder just click Next to continue.
5. In the next window click Install.
6. Wait for a while until the installer finishing the installation, next window will show you " Completing the Mcnpro Box Suite version 2. 0.1 Setup Wizard " it's all mean the process have done.
7. For the last step before you close the setup delete the check list on both "view readme file" and "Run Mcnpro Box New Version" at first then click Finish.

      Reboot your computer the try to open MCN from the desktop for the first time, it will work successful and ready to work with all kind of chines mobile phone. But before you use it to reparing the handset you better go to the support site for registering your new tool and do downloading the latest version of the box installer then install it after downloading has finish. Don't forget to reboot your computer after installing the new version so you can run it better.
      It's just what i'm doing when i'm installing my new MCN for first time. So you can do it too, and i hope it will be useful for who need to know how to installing MCN Pro. Now you can startin' work with MCN Pro and you you can go to the support site to downloading the firmware you need, the new version of installer because you have registered to the suppor site with your MCN already.
Have agood time and have a nice job, thanks for your attention...see you on the next topic.

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