Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5130 Express Music Failed to Start ( 5130 EM gagal Nyala )

       The following are symptoms that we see on the phone ; 'when we press the 'ON' button a cell phone live and display the NOKIA  logo on the screen'. But moments later phones 'DEAD', and will live again when we press the 'ON' button.
       At the beginning of my damage detection using PHOENIX SERVICE SOFTWARE, but always failed to connect the phone to the computer.
       Then i use the MX Key, and it turns out i found the same results as when using the PSS. With the message 'No Respone From Phone'. And in the end i decided to use UFS3 only. And in fact this step is telling


       As for some of the files that we need to do 5130 EM flashing process using UFS3 is as follows :

1. MCU firmware, the version is more higher ( I use the firmware's mobilEx/MX Key )
2. PPM file for the current MCU version ( to B. Indonesia use the PPM_X )
3. CNT files that follow the MCU and PPM version

       STEPS :

I. The first step click 'Connect' to connect the UFS and Computer
II. Click 'Check' for connecting mobile and UFS, then click 'Info'. In the cases i handled Info not yield any information. So i decided to do a 'Verify'

III. Fill in all the files needed for flashing process on its own tab. Then click 'Verify'
    NOTE : If you do not fill in all the firmware when you click on 'Verify' you will not get any result ( Nothing To Verify ).

IV. After the verification of the destruction of data on the phone is detected, perform backups 'CERTIFICATE' by clicking the button 'Read Cert' and the file will be saved in the folder automatically.
V. After the backup process is finished do not directly do flashing your phone. Change the settings for : Scenario to Manual, the Interface to F-Bus, and Speed to Normal.
VI. Then click the 'Write Flash', wait for the flashing process goes to completion.

VII. After the completion message appears as follows :

VIII. Next after the flashing process is a process of 'Finishing'
IX. Give check [V] on the 'UI Option' to several processes :
       [V] Full UI Defaults
       [V] Full Factory Defaults
       [V] UI Factory Defaults
       [V] Reset User Lock
X. Click 'UI Settings' button, wait a while until the process is complete
XI. After the following message appears indicating the finishing process is complete, and finished the whole process of our work.

       Turn ON the phone with a sim card as well as external memory, use the phone to normal operation and try all the standard features of the factory, make sure No Problems arise. ENDS

       Once finished try the phone don't forget to backup your important data 5130 EM phone that has been completed it. Backup for RPL and PM files using MX Key dongle by UFS Interface. This is to facilitate you in case of Phone Lock and cases related to the IMEI of the phone the same. So it does not always have to loose credits when doing 'Repair Imei'.

       So what i can say in this post, may provide benefits to all visitors of this blog.

Thanks To :
2. My Parents for all the prays
3. The Late Wife Ita Nurwati
4. The Late Sister Endang Tri Mantariyati
5. My Only Daughter and Big Brother
6. All the visitors
7. Shalawat and Salam to the Greatest Messenger MUHAMMAD SAW

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae ( The Singo Mumeth )

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  1. lanjutkan bagi baginya semoga banyak manfaatnya bagi yang lain
    dan pahala bagimu dari Alloh swt

    tp sya mmpunyai masalah nih,, ,
    5130 udah saya flas seperti yang dianjurkan tp masih tetap ga hidup muncul nokia terus mati lagi,, ,
    saya pakai v7.97
    solusinya dong bos
    thanks,, ,

  2. lanjutkan bagi bagi ilmunya semoga bermanfaat bagi yng lain ,,
    dan pahala yang besar dari Alloh swt buat anda

    tp saya mmpunyai masalah ni bos, ,
    5130 saya muncul nokia lalu mati lagi,, ,
    sudah sya flas seperti yang dianjurkan tp masih tetap sama hasilnya
    saya pake v7.97
    solusinya donk,, ,
    thanks,, ,

  3. trim's supportnya mas, buat mas joe "samasama NEWBIE" silakan cek PM area menggunakan mx key atau flasher yang lain. bila terjadi kesalahan pd area PM lakukan write PM menggunakan file PM yg fresh. bila PM area OK read RPL pastikan IMEI bukan 1234560654321? atau IMEI corrupt yg lain. Jangan lupa unlock menggunakan MX key setelah proses write PM. semoga membantu.