Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Save Way Use MX Key to Flashing

       To avoid errors in the process of flashing using MX Key Dongle, there are some little things that become very important when there is failure after flashing process that we do. I am a NEWBIE tend to try to open the menu one by one on every menu in the mobile phone software repair program. When i was able to buy the flasher so i do not directly to use it to repair the phone. As well as the dongle MX Key few times i use to fix the troubled mobile phone software. There are several things to be done in MX Key menu button before it is used to for flashing. What i will explain to all the NEWBIES like me where ever my friends are no exception. Because we are still new in the improvement of world-class mobile phones then we do not need to feel better then others in success, would be better if we continue to learn to be better than today. Especially if we want to share the knowledge that we can for others.
Follows what we need to do before flashing :


1. After your MX Key open click the button 'Connect', then there will be the name of interface that we use.
2. Click the 'Bus Check' or the 'Scan' button to connect the phone to MX Key.

3. After phone detected click 'Flash" menu, then click on the tab 'Advance'  on prior notification 'Erase Flash' there is no default option to check the 'Auto Save RPL backup if possible'. Click the option for it to be examined. It is to prevent problems after the flashing process is complete when the phone IMEI area was damaged.
4. Then click the 'Service' menu, still from the 'Service' menu then click/choose on the tab 'IMEI & Security' and then click 'IMEI Rebuild'. After that look at the 'IMEI Rebuilder', click on the IMEI/ESN to be checked. Do this before you click any buttons that were there.
5. Click 'Service' menu button, click the tab 'PM' on this menu directly click 'Read' to read the PM file so we know whether or not an error in the area of PM and if not then we can backup it to be reused in the event of failure of the mobile phone flashing. PM file you'll use to fix the corrupted file PM, you should backup PM file from normal phones.
6. Click the 'Flash' menu, back in the tab 'Advance' notice on 'Flash Backup'. The default here is not given a  check in the 'Save as Phoenix Image', click on 'Save as Phoenix Image' to be checked. Then click the 'Read Flash' is to restore the phone to its original state when there is a flashing failure. After you returned the file can be delete.
7. After all backup steps above have been completed, again click on the 'Flash' menu button. Click on the tab 'Flashing' here you can also order MX Key to perform automatic 'Finishing' after flashing process completed by checking all the options that exist in 'After Flash Processing' to the 'SP Lock' and do not forget also to check his 'After Flash Processing'.
8. Then click on 'Bus Check' and or 'Scan', enter all the flash files on each box are available. After that click the 'Flash' button to start the flashing process.
9. To do the 'Finishing' process manually, after the flashing process complete check on all the options on the 'Value Factory Reset' and then click on 'Reset All' button. If a Warning! window appears just click on 'Yes'.
10. After all processes run smoothly and finished well, after the completion of the finishing process before you  off the phone click the 'Disconnect' button first and then please you off the phone from the FLASHER.
11. The last discard/delete all backup files except RPL backup file when the phone has to be repaired successfully. WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE ALL THE BACKUP FILE OF A DEAD PHONE EXCEPT FOR RPL, WE CAN'T USE THEM FOR ANY PHONE REPAIR.

        That is the way had been i applied in the process of cell phone repair software problems. Indeed very long winded, but i'm very happy to do all that i described above. Because of the extremely high caution human still doing wrong and error unnoticed by the man himself. If this might be useful for your colleagues please do the same thing i'm doing bleak. For those who feel no need to do i wish you do not apply my method. Over all the attention of colleagues in this pointless blog i would like to thank you profusely. GO ON NEWBIE......

Wasalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuuh...

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