Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Flash NOKIA RM-242 5610 Express Music is Dead

       Following i will describe how to do flashing NOKIA RM-242 5610 Express Music who death total since the data on the IC Flash Chip suffered. One to keep in mind is the firmware that you use at least equivalent to existing versions of the phone is in repair, would be better if you use higher firmware versions than the previous version that is embedded in mobile phones is problematic. 

Following Steps :


1. Pairs MX Key and Tornado UFS 3 to the computer
2. Open mobileEx, click 'Connect' for connecting MX Key and it's interface box
3. On 'Generation' select BB 5
4. Click on 'Bus Check' or 'Scan', sometimes its wont work on dead phone
5. Input file of the MCU, PPM, and CNT by double clicking on each box is available
6. After all files have been entered in the box of these salty, check [v] After Flash Processing. To do automatically finishing process after flash programing has finished check [v] on 'Reset'
7. Click the 'Flash' button to execute the process of flashing, wait until the process of flashing sign appeared message has completed on the MX Key log
8. When finished click the 'Disconnect', and then disconnect the phone and turn it on using the battery

       Finally try the phone as usual at the time you finish the flashing process, make sure it is no longer a problem on the phone that we have reparations.
Hopefully a little guidance can make friends more active and enthusiastic in going out for mobile phone repair your current field. Move on the NEWBIEs and do not easily discouraged. Survivors to work and resume all your activities. Meet again with me next time and another subject.
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