Thursday, September 8, 2011

Backup Firmware Using MCN Pro

    Firmware is the most important data on any phone system, without exception on all brand mobile phones china production. To settle a case we will require a software data file called firmware, for it each time you finished repairs to the data system software and successfully do, so do not forget to backup important data on the mobile phone.
       In china phones that have died we can use MCN Pro Flasher Box, and as long as i can finish this china mobile phone cases that die just by step 'Format' using MCN Pro Box. After finishing the flashing i use to use the phones to make call and others traditonal, and try all it features are all able to work normally. When the phone is normal as it should be the next stage then i do a backup the firmware of the phone. Here i will describe in a simple step to perform Firmware and NV Data backup from china mobile phone using MCN Pro.

Here's How It :

1. Plug MCN Pro Power Supply and connect USB Cable to the computer. Press the power button on MCN Pro to start using MCN Pro.
2. After MCN Pro connected to the computer properly, click the 'RX, TX Scan' button.

3. Press and hold phone power button until MCN Pro detects your mobile phone pinouts
4. When the message appears as shown below try to replace it cable with another USB cable, until the phone can be connected to the MCN Pro well.

5. After the pinouts is detected by MCN Pro, click the 'Apply'
6. Then look at the menu to 'Read/Write Flash' change of default on the tab 'Read/Write Range' to 'Read Firmware ( NAND )'.
7. Then click the menu button 'Read'

8. Press and hold the phone power button until MCN Pro started doing readings firmware, then release the power button
9. When finished reading the firmware save it and name the backup firmware in accordance with the Brand and Model/Type of phone.

10. After that do the backup 'NV Data'  by clicking the button 'Backup NV Data' in the 'General Options' menu.
11. Press and hold the phone power button until MCN Pro started readings 'NV Data' and then release the power button when the process has been running
12. Save the backup file and data, and at the end of data, name the brand and type of mobile phones as well as of its with the way to 'rename'. It will facilitate you to know the type of firmware and for which cell phone brand.

       Thus the simple way of doing backup china phones products firmware using MCN Pro, hopefully this explanation can help colleagues NEWBIE in carrying out the work using MCN Pro.
Thank You.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh...


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