Sunday, September 11, 2011

NOKIA 1800 Dead Phone Solution ( Solusi Nokia 1800 Matot )

       NOKIA 1800 RM 653 is a product of nokia that uses ODM Chip in his series of Base Band. So that their repair software way will be different when we do the FLASHING process. In the case this time we will discuss how to make Flashing nokia 1800 use UFS3+HWK Flasher.
       Earlier i tried to do repair software uses the MX Key and Phoenix Service Software. But they cannot detect the phone because it can not be in the 'Boot' on the both software.

Equipment needed for the flashing process include :

1. UFS3+HWK Flasher Box
2. UFC Cable ( Universal Fbus Cable, use for type BB5_8pin/UFC-V2-0003 ) with a value of 3,3k resistance
3. Firmware Nokia 1800 RM 653 ver 6.51

        Step by step flashing :

1. After the appearance of a major software DCTx_BB5 open, pay attention to the 'Action/Mode' settings change the 'Speed' to 'Normal' then 'Scenario' use 'Flash + UI Option'
2. Click the 'Check', if not boot press and hold for a while down the 'ON/OFF' phones until the blue indicator on the progress bar starts then release
3. Previopously select 'Product' which we fix and fill in also 'MCU' file, if this do not you will fail booting phone constantly, then click 'Check'
4. For 'UI Option settings' check [v] in; Full UI Defaults, UI Factory Defaults, Full Factory Defaults, and Reset User Lock.
5. After 'Boot OK' select the PPM and CNT files, adjust the 'MCU' file is in use
6. Check again that the firmware file has been selected to ensure no errors, the click the 'Write Flash'
7. Wait until the flashing process is complete
8. After the message appears as shown below indicate the flashing process has been completed 
9. Click the 'Disconnect' button, out mobile phone of flasher box
10. Completed

       Turn ON the phone with sim card first pair. Try the phone to perform all duties and make sure it is no longer a problem on Nokia 1800 phones have finished your service. Hopefully a little of my sketch without
 meaning it time can help other 'NEWBIE' for finding solutions to problems encountered in making repairs Nokia 1800. Do not be bored to learn and try to find the best solution to solve the difficulties we face. Hopefully useful !!!
Thanks for all attention

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh

Allah Blessing us

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae ( The Singo MUMETH ) 

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