Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tuning signal using phoenix service software

       Damage to the signal on CDMA mobile phones frequently encountered, with an easily recognizable characteristic. In this case ( Nokia 6225 ) cell phone do not get a signal operator, and continue to searching signal for continuous. This due to  damage to the data in memory or corrupt data. Can also be caused  by procedural errors during flashing and Reset Phone Lock and Unlock Data using Flasher boxes.
       For it must be the return of good data and Parameters to the phone problems. Needed Tune Files correspond to an improved type of phone to Upload to the phone. In this process must be fully mobile battery and connect the phone to the computer using the appropriate cable, in this example using the DKU-5 cable.

1. Click the 'File' button then select 'Scan product'

2. Click the 'Troubleshooting' button select for 'RF' then 'Read parameter'

3. Window will appear as follow

4. Click the 'Load file' then fetch the appropriate file tune with the type of phone service.

5. Select the file default.tun ( 6225.tun )

6. Click 'Write all' to appear 'Tuning parameter file loaded successfully' 

7. Completed

       - Write Current is only writing the CAL ( Calibration )
       - Write All means write a whole section to complete the CAL, SET RF, and PANEL ( Recommended ).

       After the tuning process, close window 'Read Parameters', and the process has been completed. The phone will get a signal from operator again. Signal tuning process is commonly used to fix the signal problem on CDMA phones. Frequent setting run Unlock process, and any other such as flashing using UFS3 flasher and Griffin.

       1. PBB Maintenant Tool set to PKD-1RD
       2.  Click the 'File' button then select 'Scan product'
       3. Click the 'CDMA' select 'Factory set value' select 'Full' and then click the 'Factory reset'

       This process does not cause the phone 'No Signal' as well as Unlock on other Flasher box. To Unlock CDMA phones do not use UFS3 or Griffin because it will cause the phone 'No Signal'.

       Thus the little details which i gave on the occasion of this post. Hopefully can provide benefits for work that you are currently elaborate. For your visiting this blog i would like to thank you profusely.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh..

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