Wednesday, September 14, 2011

K200i Dead when Pressed One Of The Main Keypad Button

 Asalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh.............      One or ether K200i damage or other mobile phone boat form phones production by Sony Ericsson are going to die when we hit one of its keypad button. canoe are born with carrying the gene disease very much, even by my classmates manufacturers Sony Ericsson inappropriate to release these products to market. Because the toughness of these phones do not exceed the production of china mobile phones.
Then what should be done by the phone service technician when find a case like this ??? I think rather than direct dizzy we do data repair software is faster because its only better.


1. Open your setool2g
2. Click 'SEMC ODM', then select your mobile phone type ( K200 )
3. Click the 'Identify' to connect your phone to the flasher box, if not connect do off and reinsert the battery then press the 'power ON' for a while ( do not hold down the 'power ON' )
4. Click 'Add' to enter the firmware K200i, take from folder where you store the setool2g firmware files.
5. Then click the 'Settings' and check [v] on ;
6. Back click 'SEMC ODM' then click 'Flash'
7. Wait until the flashing process complete
8. After the flashing process is complete click the 'Identify', if not connect do like to point number 3
9. Next do the finishing process by pressing the 'Unlock/Repair'
10. Completed

       Always do software data repair before you make improvements in mobile hardware. When the software data repair can not solve the problem on mobile phones please do repairs on hardware.
Do check on the keypad drivers ( EMIF IC ) if something went wrong when there is no problem with the keypad driver chip can i make sure your phone CPU Chips have problem/broken, if so there you should return it to the owner's cell phone.
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