Monday, September 26, 2011

Change NOKIA BB 5 Language Features via Tornado UFS-3

       On the occasion of this post i will give some examples for your  fellow NEWBIE change language in NOKIA BB 5 phone using Tornado UFS-3 Flasher Box. I give a simple step in changing our language features without having to execute the MCU and UAR ( CNT on DCT 4 generation ). How very simple and anyone can do the work in the field of mobile phone repair.
But maybe there are still many among colleagues who do not know that we can change the language features without having to do the flashing process that includes MCU and UAR the NOKIA BB 5 mobile phone generation. The following steps are very simple and fast.


We need :

 a.  Tornado UFS-3 + HWK Original flasher box
b. N73_rofx.4.0812.4.0.1.PRD.V12 PPM file ( for the Indonesian version )

The steps :

1. Open DCTxBB5, click 'Connect' to connecting UFS 3 to a computer
2. In the 'Action/Mode' change to the 'Scenario', do a little change so the 'Manual', the 'Speed' change to 'Normal'

3. Plug the flash cable the phone and then connect to the UFS flasher box, then click the 'Check' to connect the phone and flasher box
4. After connecting with a good look back at the 'Action/Mode', check settings on the [v] PPM Only
5. On 'Files and Settings' select the type of phone ( in the example RM-133 (N73-1), then click PPM and get files according to language of your country ( in our example is a file that supports Indonesian language ) click 'Open' to enter it into the PPM box

6. then click 'Write Flash' and wait until it finishes

7. Do finishing with a check [v] in ; UI Factory Defaults, Full UI Defaults, and Reset User Lock on the area 'UI Options'
8. Click the button 'UI Settings' to execute the finishing process

9. Completed

May useful

Thank you

Wasalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh...

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