Monday, October 8, 2012

Sony Ericsson CK13i Trouble [ USB error/Can't load Identification Loader ]


Problems that occurs in ck13i :

- The phone always restart when sony ericsson logo appears on the screen.
- USB unrecognize appears on the pc when the phone is connected to pc

Hardware repair :

1. Check the USB connector on the phone and the relationship between each of the component pin connector should be connected directly to any pin-pin it.
2. When there is no connection to the component as it should happen, do jumper from the USB pin to the component in question.
3. When the phone USB connector is damaged, replace it with a new.
4. Notice 5v dc current from pin #1 USB phone connector when phone connected to PC.
5. If there is 5v dc current, but PC still detects USB unrecognize, doing ic jumper on U401 pin 1 towards the pin 8 facing each other.

Try to repair using SETool but it say like below [ the sama problem with the USB connection ]

Fix the hardware problem first then we can go further to software repairing process. After all have done and the phone recognize by it connection via USB we start to fixing it.

Repair software :1. Repair software using SEUS

2. Improved use Setool normal but not restore the phone to normal conditions.3. Tick ​​[v] I hereby accept the license agreement and then click Start in the next window.

4. On the next window select Sony Ericsson txt (CK13) and double click.

5. Furthermore, a new window will appear that provides updated information once the phone alert will lose all phone data when updates are run.

6. Click the Install button in the window, because we do not need anything from a broken phone [except GDFS / backup using Setool]. And further warnings appear as shown below. Click the Yes without any hesitation.

7. Furthermore SEUS will open a window to download and install the update to the phone. Wait for the process runs to completionWARNING : Make sure your phone has fully charged batteries every time you make a
 SONY phone repair. Make sure you are using the Internet connection is stable and do not easily lose the connection to the server [I prefer telkom speedy each time the process of updating / repair OTA]. Do not perform any action that is not required for mobile and pc to walk you through the update process.

8. Once completed the following window appears as the last. Unplug the USB connection to your phone and PC.  Close SEUS  by pressing the Exit button.

9. The final stage remove the battery from your phone for a few moments [when the phone battery is too hot or leave it for a while to return to normal room temperature conditions].

Turn on the phone with the sim card installed. Loading takes a little slower to sync on your phone recently updated its firmware version. It is a common thing.

Once your phone is back to normal please try to use mobile phones to communicate. And test all features available on the phone menu if it can function properly. Should all normally.Thank you for your visit and hope to benefit

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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