Sunday, October 14, 2012

SonyEricsson W302 Not Charging Troubleshoot [How To JUMPER]


Needed for work :

1. Volt Ampere meter measurement [ prefer to analog with good sensitivity X1 scale ]
2. Jumpering Wire
3. Filament Soldering
4. Schematic diagram
5. Own Head

See How to check :

1. First perform checking USB connector on the phone [ change it if there are too many broken pin on its ]
2. Check the line connection from USB connector pin number 12 to each its components connected

3. Don't leave GROUND connection!!! it's the most important of all currents flow, if you loose connection to the ground however big DC current flow will be have wasting energy only [ trust me ].
4. For charge + input check the line from USB connector pin number 12 to C629, C635, and ESD650

5. Watch the measurement, if it goes to 0 ohm that means a good line connection [ no action means broken line ]

6. If there is no problem by the wire line, you can perform check the short components or event dead to C629, C635, and ESD650 [ compact diode EMIF ]

7. If you decided to make a jumper line it should connecting the RED lines to each other of the RED lines, this line where the charge current come from the wall charger. And the YELLOW line is GROUNDED.

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