Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ganti Fleksibel SAMSUNG GT-C3050_C3053


Step by step to changing SAMSUNG GT-C3050/C3053 Flex cable

Trouble caused by scratched flex cable :

  • Restarting phone when any keyboard pressed
  • Too many errors result on keyboard UI
1. Open rear cover of  battery container

2. Remove 4 screws then rear case

3. Pull out keyboard flex, remove 4 screws that hold the slider. One of 4 screws is hide under the SAMSUNG hologram, pull the hologram gently like its never touch before. It will looks like never been repaired.

4. On the rear face of mainboard you'll find main flex holder, open it and pull the flex out of the holder. Get the mainboard out of the case

5. Remove 4 screws on the back cover of display case, i'm sorry on picture above i show you 2 only the screws. The other 2 screws are on the left and right of camera module. These both screws are hide inside 2 holes rigth on the both corner of  the top display case

6. Remove and change the old scratched/broken flex with the new. Watch the sign on both ends. There are sign LCD and MAIN, think where the most clearest.

7. Put back the rear display case and get the flex out through the square hole on it. Tight the srews back, place your slider as back case for mainboard so do the same to get the flex out through this cover's hole. Connect the flex connecter to the mainboard flex socket don't forget to fold the flex to make it have a good connection to the ground on mainboard metals material.

8. Tight up the mainboard case with its 4 screws then connect the keyboard flex connecter to its connector. Before you doing put back the rear case do trying the slider working. Hold the Display case then slide it UP and DOWN slowly. If there are no faults on the assembling method you'll not finds any trouble. But if can't see the whole main keyboard [alphabetics and numerics] that's mean you have made a fault.

9. See and feel your jobs, it's taste like Mr. president's sallary. Am i dream, haa...haa...haa.....
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