Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOKIA 1280 RM-647 Dead Solution [ SOFTWARE ]


Prepare the following equipments:

1. MXKEY Dongle
2. UFSx + HWK
3. UFC Cable BB5-3

A simple Step to work:

1. Connect MXKEY dongle and UFSx into your computer
    Open the program mobileEx v3.5 rev2.3 [latest version v3.5rev2.4]

2. On the mobileEx Interface box select UFSx SarasSoft and click Connect
3. Click the tools menu to select nokia tool
4. In the mobileEx Generation box select DCT4 and check [v] X-GOLD
5. Fill minimal MCU file to the Files setting area and click the Scan button or BusCheck

6. When the condition device hardware is not problematic the phone will be detected by mobileEx
7. Then click Service menu. In the Action area click the Phone info to examine the condition of the phone        software.

8. Next to keep in mind going to do any software repairs, you should back up important data from the phone itself. This will help to restore the phone to its original state when an error occurs in the process of flashing / software repair.
9. Still from the Service menu tab IMEI & Security. Select IMEI Rebuild and proceed by clicking the Backup button. Results of the backup will be stored automatically in the backup folder on the drive where you install mobileEx.

10. Next perform backup data on the PM by clicking on the tab PM from service menu. Click the Read

11. If you are comfortable with the full flash using mobileEx next step back to click Flash menu, enter the language support files and also mobile content into their respective boxes. Continue with the clicking Flash

12. Wait for the flashing process runs to completion the whole process needed
      After flashing process is complete click the disconnect button

May be useful

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Thanks a lot to :
Mr. Gatot Siswoyo in Tengarang Central Java Indonesia
Mr. Aris Baskoro in Vietnam
Your Experiences and Knowledge has been implementing to my brain 'till yet

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

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