Monday, October 15, 2012

SAMSUNG GT-S5570 Won't Turn OFF


The troubles are :

1. Phone will TURN ON when baterry insert to it
2. Can't TURN OFF after the phone ON
3. Back button not working
4. Won't display TURN OFF option when power button pressed

Troubleshooting of hardware [ check for shorted line and componnents ]

Open up whole phone cases and make it naked

Release 4 screws to open metal machine cap

Check shorted componnents e.g C403, V450, and ON/OFF switch of TACT500 [ replace if broken ].
If there are no shorted componnent, check the lines as line BLUE and YELLOW on above pict.
The last when componnent and line are OK, perform rehot PWM U615 [ Not too long and don't need to shake it ].

See this when finished. Press Power button to turn it ON then Turn OFF after home display shown.

And so the BACK button is working 
CAUTION: Be CAREFULL TO PWM, it could damage your phone permannently. This is your whole phone power management comes. And I thought your phone IMEI nurmber is hide in here.

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