Saturday, October 27, 2012

Change SonyEricsson K660i Lang Pack


Here is an easy way to change sonyericsson K660i language only. Incase the phone comes from out of your country region.

1. Open setool2g, tab SEMC A2 and K660 phone

2. Tab Settings, tick CUSTOMIZE PHONE

3. If you don't have K660i firmwares go to setool support site to download files needed. Don't forget to extract CDF file in K660i firmware folder's. These files will customize your phone after flash lang pack finished.

4. Back to SEMC A2, click Identify. There will show you phone firmware and lang pack in the log

5. Click Add to put the lang pack file into firmware box, customize to your own lang region. As it sample is APAC that include INDONESIAN lang. Then OPEN

6. Now it has go to the firmware box

7. Check again to make sure you have chosen the correct file, then click Flash

8. Automatically it will customize using your extracted CDF file. The last step is clicking the Unlock/Repair button


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