Friday, October 12, 2012

SonyEricsson W150i Display Troubleshooting


       What do you think need to replace it's display with the new one, see this fig.

Its just seem as your color TV set without any antenna. haa....3x
Wait the minutes, we need to save more money for wife and children
What we need is first to check it out
all the connections of wiring and components to the display to work fine.

First and  the easiest is to clean the socket pins of the display, little scratch using piece of razor may helpful to do.
Gathering no result, be patient. Go to the next step, readout you schematic repair manual.

Pay attention of measurement of dc currents for pins 25 and 26 [ they should have 1.8v for pin number 25 and 2,8v for pin number 26 ] on the display connector on the mainboard, learn from where they come out.
You can make jumpers for every parts in the green boxes, but check them first may you not to do something unnecessary.

There are nothing wrong to wiring and the components on it connected?. Clean up the display connector.

Open up the cap of  baseband box, check the wiring and componnents as see on the fig. above
Gave un useful result of all have done, are u frustrate ??? NO NEED TO FRUSTRATED. See below

For every single green arrows i show you they need your attentions to check their conditions and measurements. The red arrows i show you in every picture those mean you can rehot, reball or change if needed. And you should to know that rehot the PNX6513 was very clear to my case. Its work for me, so try to check first before you spent your money. The most easy step to proof the damage of display try it first to other phone and cross change the display to each other. I show you my handled below.

no parts to be changed

More save, more easy, this called knowledge and experiencess. GOOD LUCK and HAVE A GOOD DAY.

Thank you very much
If you need the schematic diagram of sonyericsson W150i just tell me. I'll upload with pleasure for all my friends of NEWBIE

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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